Pin It!!! And I Ain't Talking Pinterest!

The project that I detailed in the previous posting has been taking on a life of its own. I had so many people respond to my posting asking to participate that it has driven me to extend the project and so I have opened it up more broadly. This does a few things, the least of which is create much more work, but I don't see the problem in that. I have had the pleasure of discovering some incredible details about the lives of people I know and have been brought closer to some that I have not had contact with for a while. This is all win win on my end. 

It is sacred, this exchange of deeply personal information. What could be more personal than sharing intimate details about one's life and then having another individual (me) create an artistic interpretation of that detail and also keeping in mind the personality of the individual and fashion something that is true to them in an artistic format? 

This has moved me so deeply and really has made an impression where I want to begin adding an element of action, or exchange to my work. I am excited by what I am learning about myself and others.

What I will say about this project at this current point is that there are 30 people in all participating. I have fabricated the work of almost half of that group in the last few days. It has taken me longer but that is only due to classes starting for RISD Wintersession, so I am doing what I can with the time allotted. 

With that body of work already crafted I am taking time to house them and send them in a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing way. I am a believer that the reveal is just as powerful as what is revealed so all is considered here. I have made a series, in that not only are there 30 pieces being made, but I am cataloguing the process by making duplicate works. The person who I am having the exchange with gets one work, and I keep the other. So, in essence this is a double series. A group of 30, and a duplicate of the 30. With the pieces I keep I will note who they went to, where and will create a structure that will house the works. They will be carded on the structure just as you see in the photo below. From there, who knows what twist and turns the project will take.

All I know is there is room for a broader piece here, mapping, communion with friends, etc. I couldn't be more pleased at this point.