RISD Events & the Importance of Being There

I worked as an intern for a wonderful Jewelry and Metalsmith who graduated from RISD while I was still living in San Francisco. I asked her what she regretted most about the experience because I knew that she loved the school but stayed tucked away in studio much of the time, which in reality is a very easy thing to have happen especially with the rigor of the school. 

She told me that her largest regret was not going to events that happened around campus. She rarely went to openings, gatherings, lectures and theater performances, nor participated with groups and clubs. After hearing this I vowed that if I got into RISD, I would not only jump into those events, but also attend as many events as I could without it interfering too much with my work. 

My rule is that when I go to these events I have to find a poster or flyer from the event, roll it up and keep it in a safe place. Then when I ask myself what the hell else I did beyond classes, I can open the rolls and track where I have been. I will say that currently I have a nice bunch collected and some of these posters are artworks all in and of themselves. 

Here is what I will be into this week for starters. One lecture and also new submissions for a show at the RISD Museum.

Moral of the story here is despite the rigor, there is always time if you make it. Always. And the project won't blow up or be less amazing if you take an hour to go hear someone talk about something other than what you know or have an expertise in. 

Case in point, hearing last year a lecture by Sally Mann and then meeting her afterward. She was AMAZING!!! 

I knew little of photography before meeting her, except that I loved Herb Ritts, Man Ray, Richard Avedon and Robert Mapplethorpe. She inspired me so much. I was so impacted by her that I began a black and white photo class this Wintersession. Below are some of her incredible works.