At the Guggenheim - Gabriel Orozco: Asterisms

The NYC trip netted a few fabulous moments and one of those for the record book was seeing Garcia's artistic hero Gabriel Orozco and his new exhibition at the Guggenheim. Garcia and I have followed his work for some time beginning with My Hands are My Heart seen here.

The architecture of the Guggenheim was BEYOND! 7 levels of swirling ramps and fabulous side rooms which contained great new acquisitions (like Anish Kapoor, Mark Bradford and Ai Wei Wei for starters) and there was a mini exhibit of works by Marc and Kandinsky. We visited during the Picasso Black and White show which was good, but not as good as what Orozco had in store for us.

Behold the artist posing in front of his work Asterisms. Also be sure to purchase his book which shares the same title as the exhibition. It is quite something!

Be sure to watch his dialogue surrounding this exhibition below. The footage is created with the Guggenheim. Honestly, Orozco has to be one of my favorite contemporary artists and he does not disappoint. Gabriel Orozco: Asterisms