Local Love From Radish!

Thanks to García's keen eyes, she found a mention about us in a local blog. We first met Tim at Radish, a food truck that specializes in local delicious fresh food for those on the go particularly around the campuses of RISD, Brown & JWU. García and I make jewelry and on this occasion we were at the RISD Student Sale in May working out table when he came up and picked out a pin he liked. Find the link to the article below. Gotta appreciate the love!!! Thanks for supporting RISD artists Tim!!!

Here is what he said about us with a pic of the walnut and cherry wood pin he bought...

"I am glad that I decided to walk around the Art Sale before it was over because I found a gem. I fell in love with a hand made pin. If you go to RISD you may know Nafis White & Garcia Sinclair they sold me a pin that I plan on wearing daily. Check out the pin above it showcases a man climbing a mountain. The reason I picked this one out of about 25 pins is simple. In life i have always been faced with some type of mountain to climb. Each and every obstacle has turned me into a creative problem solver. There is not 1 mountain I can’t climb and over come. I’m excited for my future and I wonder what the next challenge is! Thanks for the amazing pin ladies I will wear it proudly thats for sure." - Timothy Silva