Now Dig This! Black Art Makes Some Noise in NYC

While in NYC, I sauntered over to MoMA PS1 to see the exhibit entitled "Now Dig This! Art & Black Los Angeles". I highly recommend seeing this in person.

This was amazing for me, not only from a historical perspective but also from a black perspective. Heros of mine were shown in multiplicity in one exhibition such as David Hammons and Betye Saar which thus far has been rare. Saar is pictured below in her studio and Hammons beneath, shown in Harlem performing his piece Blizzard Balls.

Betye Saar

David Hammons

One criticism I have of many contemporary institutions is the reluctance too show works by African Americans. Here at RISD, there are only a few artists showing at any one time. Currently in the 20th Century collection their are two pieces showing in all out of many many pieces. But, I digress. 

The PS1 exhibition was truly well done and was not hidden away on a far away floor. It was accessible at the very entrance and showed some pretty impressive pieces. From Hammons hair pieces and body prints to Saar's collages and sculptor Melvin Edwards steel works. There was so much to see and be absorbed by. I was happy to see people who look like me being sought out for such a great exhibition. I hope to see more work by African Americans in museum collections and more than that, being shown regularly and en masse. 

Fresh Hell - David Hammons 

LA Object & David Hammons Body Prints - 2007 Roberts & Tilton

 Bag Lady in Flight - David Hammons

Picanniny Free - Betye Saar

Equality - Betye Saar