Gaining Momentum

Having just heard back from SAIC with an offer to enter their BFA program in the Fall, I find myself lifted with excitement and anticipation. It is also now my Spring break from CCSF and I am spending time away from work and away from school doing...well...more artistic work.

I have a few commissioned pieces to finish up plus a performance piece that will make it's debut in the coming weeks. I am also hard at work on a collaborative work to be featured in Berkeley as a performance work during a massive honors symposium.

In my daydreaming and searching sessions I have rediscovered the work of Marina Abramovic. I have been watching footage from her 2010 piece "The Artist is Present". What an interesting concept and what a powerful artistic force Abramovic is.

Garcia has also just introduced me to a new painter by the name of Guy Denning, whose paintings and drawings are some of the most expressive I have seen in a while. Denning is a self trained artist from the UK who brings a street edge to his work using stencils and different painting techniques. He is pretty incredible. I'm looking forward to more discoveries as my break from classes continues. You can view some of his work below and on his website

"Baghdad mourning"
conte and chalk on paper, 75 x 50 cm, 2007

"Surge successful, stop now, watch this"
oil on 2 canvas panels, 76 x 122 cm, 2009