Ceci n'est pas une pipe

There is much going on these days regarding work that can trick the eye aka trompe l'oeil. I have a fascination with these works whether it is Magritte's Treachery of Images or Picasso's Still Life with Chair Caning as seen below. What excites me is the trickery, the idea that what we see isn't really what we think we see. How delightful! 

Magritte's Treachery of Images

Picasso's Still Life with Chair Caning

García has introduced me to an incredible artist who, like my professor Kelly Goff has a keen fascination and skill for making objects that are familiar but whose materiality is the unknown, at least at first glimpse. Take Goff's Guardrail below, which is made entirely of paper.

Entering the arena is magnificent talent, Morgan Maclean, a splendid woodworker with a keen imagination. Rather than painting his illusions he finds objects that are understood, found objects that have been discarded and then he re-imagines them in stirringly real mediums, such as wood. He has created sculptural still lifes. If I could plunk down money right now, I would pluck up a work in a New York minute.

Maclean, Bottle

Though this object is no painted illusion it does embody a new kind of trickery, one that I find clever and compelling. And even sexy. Maclean makes these mundane objects slick and jazzed up. Check his works here...

or check his newest write-up in the LA Times here...

Maclean, Figure Heads


Just a simple picture of an artist that I adore and appreciate. Jean-Michel Basquiat's neo-expressionism was raw and readied. With his recently passing birthday (December 22) , sometimes you just need to reflect on those who have come before and who continue to inspire. Feast your eyes if you will on his absolute fabulousness. Check out his estate's website here...http://basquiat.com/

New Years Day! Happy 2013

Happy New Year to All!!! I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my world, all the experiences I have had thus far and I look forward to what is to come.

I will be brief as I have been in a whirlwind all day. Firstly, my hair is cut and looking dapper. I have painted a bit today and planned upcoming work. I have just started to enjoy my vacation and will resume classes next week. My bed is fluffy and well appointed and I am going to enjoy my rest and really get back into the swing of things tomorrow a la Chuck Close style, aka a regular 9-5 done the artists way.

One thing I will mention is I will be attending an exhibition opening this Friday at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston. Kelly Goff, my sculpture professor, will be exhibiting his work at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston. Check out his work below and the websites that correspond with his work and the gallery who is showing him. He is truly inspired and I feel lucky to know him.

Kelly Goff
Two Bags, 2012 - Cast Concrete

Kelly Goff
Ghost, 2012- Paper Cast of an Antique Grain Hopper

or the gallery here

Now Dig This! Black Art Makes Some Noise in NYC

While in NYC, I sauntered over to MoMA PS1 to see the exhibit entitled "Now Dig This! Art & Black Los Angeles". I highly recommend seeing this in person.

This was amazing for me, not only from a historical perspective but also from a black perspective. Heros of mine were shown in multiplicity in one exhibition such as David Hammons and Betye Saar which thus far has been rare. Saar is pictured below in her studio and Hammons beneath, shown in Harlem performing his piece Blizzard Balls.

Betye Saar

David Hammons

One criticism I have of many contemporary institutions is the reluctance too show works by African Americans. Here at RISD, there are only a few artists showing at any one time. Currently in the 20th Century collection their are two pieces showing in all out of many many pieces. But, I digress. 

The PS1 exhibition was truly well done and was not hidden away on a far away floor. It was accessible at the very entrance and showed some pretty impressive pieces. From Hammons hair pieces and body prints to Saar's collages and sculptor Melvin Edwards steel works. There was so much to see and be absorbed by. I was happy to see people who look like me being sought out for such a great exhibition. I hope to see more work by African Americans in museum collections and more than that, being shown regularly and en masse. 

Fresh Hell - David Hammons 

LA Object & David Hammons Body Prints - 2007 Roberts & Tilton

 Bag Lady in Flight - David Hammons

Picanniny Free - Betye Saar

Equality - Betye Saar

It's a Family Affair! New Shows for All!!!

2013 hasn't even begun yet and already there is so much on calendar for the coming months. The first bit of news that thrills me is that Garcia and I were chosen by the RISD Museum and guest juror Alejandro Diaz to headline an exhibition beginning in February and going through June. Our piece is a collaborative work called Waiting for Godot which is dedicated to the ongoing civil rights struggle of LGBTQ peoples where equality and the freedom to marry is concerned. You can check out Alejandro Diaz's current exhibit RISD Business: Sassy Signs and Sculptures at the RISD Museum which will be showing through June.

I discovered that my beloved Aunt, Brown University History of Art & Architecture and Italian Studies Professor, Evie Lincoln has worked diligently on a current exhibition at the RISD Museum called The Festive City. For more info follow the link and below a little visual as a teaser. Also, there is a symposium where she will be speaking so check it out and register while there is still room. The symposium is March 1st 1-6:30 in the Metcalf Auditorium in the Chace Center at the RISD Museum.

Also, my fabulous uncle, Brian Shure will be showing in a faculty show during the same time. He is an exquisite artist and please follow his work here. http://brianshure.com

Here are a few of his remarkable works. The first two are paintings and the last is a work in ink.

Brian Shure - Fifth Ave. & 17th St oil on linen, 46" x 32", 2012

Brian Shure - Turtle Bay oil on linen, 72" x 108", 2005

Brian Shure - Union Square Skateboarders
ink on Rives paper, 24" x 35", 2011

At the Guggenheim - Gabriel Orozco: Asterisms

The NYC trip netted a few fabulous moments and one of those for the record book was seeing Garcia's artistic hero Gabriel Orozco and his new exhibition at the Guggenheim. Garcia and I have followed his work for some time beginning with My Hands are My Heart seen here.

The architecture of the Guggenheim was BEYOND! 7 levels of swirling ramps and fabulous side rooms which contained great new acquisitions (like Anish Kapoor, Mark Bradford and Ai Wei Wei for starters) and there was a mini exhibit of works by Marc and Kandinsky. We visited during the Picasso Black and White show which was good, but not as good as what Orozco had in store for us.

Behold the artist posing in front of his work Asterisms. Also be sure to purchase his book which shares the same title as the exhibition. It is quite something!

Be sure to watch his dialogue surrounding this exhibition below. The footage is created with the Guggenheim. Honestly, Orozco has to be one of my favorite contemporary artists and he does not disappoint. Gabriel Orozco: Asterisms

The Event of a Thread

Newly back from a mind blowing trip to NYC! I have been away since 2006 and coming back at this moment in 2012 was perfection. The amount of research I was able to do even while visiting family over the holiday was astounding and included some fabulous surprises such as meeting Ann Hamilton.

Below is a still from her current exhibition and installation where there are 46 large swings that when activated make a large curtain dip and sway. To understand the enormity of this work and the emotional charge it creates is to go and be there, especially at night when the caged birds are set free and an opera singer serenades the crowds. Swinging across from an elderly woman was one highlight of my time in the Armory. Watching her swing and laugh was precious. I felt catapulted into her memories and it was a great place full of inhibition and gayety. Truly special. That and swinging so high as to be politely asked to simmer down. One of the best moments I've had in recent history. And dare I mention that Ann was wonderfully warm and very gracious. I hope our paths cross again in the near future.

I can't wait to return soon! In the meantime here are some photos of Hamiltons' The Event of a Thread which is currently on exhibition until the beginning of January at the Armory in NYC. A word of advice and that is to go, go , go! For more info check the article below and get your life!

New News

After much work, my first semester at RISD has concluded and I am recovering from the Bauhaus structured framework. I never knew that I could do as much as I have these past few weeks. In California I was granted 3 months to create 3 projects and here I do 3 in 3 weeks. I have never been so pushed or so rewarded in all my life. As García says, we are at an artists Fight Club. Below, a Bauhaus poster, color lithograph by Joost Schmidt.

In coming up for air after finals there have also been significant happenings the least of which has been being named a winner for a site specific work here at the RISD Museum which will be on display from February through June. This exhibit entitled Sitings had two winners and García and I were pleased to be one of the winning teams. The other is a 2nd year female grad student, also from the sculpture department. Not too damn shabby for a pair of Sophomores. Below is a "sketch" model for the project. The finished work will be much larger (7-8 feet tall by 5 feet wide) and will be fluorescent pink.

The work that we submitted is a massive triangular tessellation which will be viewable from Benefit Street in front of the Radeke entrance to the museum. It will all be crafted from 1/4 steel rod and will be bright pink. The work is titled Waiting for Godot and has it's roots in the struggle for LGBTQ equality in this country. Our President John Maeda is shown walking out of the Radeke galleries and our sculpture will be in the background to the right of him.

We couldn't be more proud to be chosen for this honor. This will be my second work shown at a museum, the first one being my sculptural painting "Continua" which won entrance into a juried show at the deyoung Museum last Spring.


In the midst of an enormous amount of work here at RISD, I am coming up for a bit of air to celebrate one of my favorite dates to date, outside of 11-11-11 that is. More great news to come and works to be shown in the near future.

Fall Into Fall

After two moves upon reaching Rhode Island, one from San Francisco and then one within the state, I have finally settled and am gearing up to begin my journey here at RISD. I am no longer a Jewelry/Metalsmithing major. I have in the past month changed my major to Sculpture and am thrilled to be working in larger scale. I think I have always known that this was a love of mine, but was restrained about going after it. Well, after auditing summer courses and working on new pieces it became abundantly clear that I live for working in a large variety of mediums and that I thrive in the realm of larger scale works. I am so pleased to have been able to change majors before the semester begins and I look forward to what is to come. I am beyond excited!

In celebration of my coming semester start and also in homage to those artists who have influenced me along the way, I want to share this work by Kazimir Malevich entitled White on White.

I will also be making a practice of coming bake here to discuss works, upcoming projects and overall thoughts of things on a more regular basis. Cheers to Fall, Cheers to September and Cheers to Me :)

Continua Continues

My painting "Continua", which was shown at a gallery show at Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco in the spring and was also selected for a juried show to be shown at the deYoung Museum for their show "Matter" kept me very busy throughout May. I had the pleasure of building up the piece not once but twice for two different commissions. Below you will see the two pieces after they were finished. Each one is 5 feet x 3 feet and the molded paper pulp is mounted onto a massive canvas panel. The medium is paper, acrylic and canvas. Please contact me if you are interested in this piece for your private collection.

Spring Wrap Up

Well, here we are in June and it has been many weeks since my last post. In that time I have finished my last semester at CCSF and graduated, moved all my belongings to Rhode Island and have moved into a new place. There have been so many changes that I hardly know where to begin.

I am spending my summer acclimating to my new environment with its 80 and 90 + temperatures. I have been meeting lots of students who are doing the Summer Foundation Program at RISD as is my partner. The campus is so incredible, so beautiful and inspiring. I cannot wait to jump in full force in September, but until then I will be challenging myself and keeping my abilities sharp. New territory, new layout, new people, just one big helping of newness. Here goes nothing!

Photo is taken by Garcia Sinclair and is on the First Baptist Church in the US.

Bay Honors Consortium Honors Research Symposium

Today is the second lecture in two years I am giving at UC Berkeley for the Bay Honors Symposium. What makes today extra special however is presenting the only visual art, performance work in front of a large audience with my partner of 10 years. This is a wonderful way to cap what has been a tumultuous academic year. It's been one of the best and one of the most challenging yet but here we are still standing. Today should prove to be a wonderful day. There are 81 selected presenters showcasing their year of research on an abundance of topics ranging from the sciences, art history, to history, social issues and now visual art. I am excited for what the day will bring.

Check out the Symposium info below.

RISD Bound!

It's Official! 

RISD aka The Rhode Island School of Design will be my new home for the next few years! I couldn't be more thrilled to join their Jewelry and Metalsmithing Program on scholarship. The icing on top of course is that my partner was also accepted. I cannot wait to continue my work at such a prestigious and well loved school. The move can't come soon enough! What a dream come true!!!

Cai Guo-Qiang's Exhibition Film w/ Volunteers

What an honor it was to participate in the creation of works for the Geffen in LA. I will treasure the time I spent working with Cai Guo-Qiang. Here is a short film that is currently playing in the exhibition that illustrates Cai's process. The short film also captures the energy of the workers around him from his incredible studio staff and volunteers to the pyrotechnic teams. Just a wondrous and magical time.

Cai Guo-Qiang: Two Weeks After Sky Ladder Opening

The MOCA did an amazing job as host and facilitator for Cai Guo-Qiang's newest exhibition entitled Sky Ladder. I love especially that they caught the ignition of 40,000 fireworks from a multitude of angles. What a stunning way to capture such an amazing event. Two weeks gone from LA and I am still learning more about myself through this experience. I am inspired. Click the link below for MOCA's website. I'm sure you will be as impressed as I.

Upcoming Show at the de Young Museum

April is proving to be a very busy month indeed. Midterms are over now but there are so many events to prepare for, the first of which is a massive student art showcase at the de Young Museum. My work entitled "Continua" was chosen for this juried show and there will be cash prizes given out that evening. Fingers crossed that mine is a winner. This is a momentous honor for me to be included and from such a large pool of talent. More event details to follow...

Below is the link to the event information and the pics of the piece that will be showcased.

Matter! 16th Annual New Generations Showcase April 20th @ 6pm at the de Young Museum

Continua (close up)


Cai Guo-Qiang: A Return to LA

After a month away from Los Angeles, I arrived earlier this week for the 4/7 opening of Cai Guo-Qiang's amazing Mystery Circle at the Geffen Contemporary in Los Angles. He had mentioned in March that he would be setting off 40,000 rockets, away from the museum wall and towards the crowds. It was my observation that the crowds numbered in the thousands with folks lined up all around the Geffen Contemporary to get in. To say that it was mind blowing would be an understatement. Take a look at the pictures below and you'll see what I mean.

Above: The Ignition of Mystery Circle

Above: The second Ignition of Mystery Circle, 
a little reserved surprise from Cai.

A Simple Statement

The news has been churning out such nastiness and the world seems it's been turned on its head, so I will combat that today with beauty. Simple lines and curves do so much to inspire me. These are recent creations of mine made of fine silver and they are very weighty. I love a solid, big statement piece, so here is my challenge to the day's nastiness. A bold idea.

Gaining Momentum

Having just heard back from SAIC with an offer to enter their BFA program in the Fall, I find myself lifted with excitement and anticipation. It is also now my Spring break from CCSF and I am spending time away from work and away from school doing...well...more artistic work.

I have a few commissioned pieces to finish up plus a performance piece that will make it's debut in the coming weeks. I am also hard at work on a collaborative work to be featured in Berkeley as a performance work during a massive honors symposium.

In my daydreaming and searching sessions I have rediscovered the work of Marina Abramovic. I have been watching footage from her 2010 piece "The Artist is Present". What an interesting concept and what a powerful artistic force Abramovic is.

Garcia has also just introduced me to a new painter by the name of Guy Denning, whose paintings and drawings are some of the most expressive I have seen in a while. Denning is a self trained artist from the UK who brings a street edge to his work using stencils and different painting techniques. He is pretty incredible. I'm looking forward to more discoveries as my break from classes continues. You can view some of his work below and on his website http://www.guydenning.org

"Baghdad mourning"
conte and chalk on paper, 75 x 50 cm, 2007

"Surge successful, stop now, watch this"
oil on 2 canvas panels, 76 x 122 cm, 2009