New York Summer Bucketlist #2 - The Guggenheim & James Turrell

Being surrounded by the fabrication and then containment and display of objects has led me to think about sculpture in different ways. What happens when these objects outgrow their space and cannot be contained any longer? Where does the work go when it is not being enjoyed by an audience? How can you make the work more sustainable, take up less space and resources? If sculpture moves away from its traditional iterations what does it become, and is it still sculpture?

Everything must transform and become something else over time and we see that sculpture is morphing into a new representation and the new exhibition at the Guggenheim certainly salutes this transition. James Turrell uses light as sculpture and creates a conical form that goes high into the air of the rotunda to support the visual aspect of the work. The lighting embraces the viewer in tones and serves as a meditative landscape. Sculpture has become more and more about experience for me and less about the fabricated object. I look to Ann Hamilton's Event of a Thread and the recent show at the New Museum as examples of this phenomenon.

What's more, I look forward to seeing this in person later this month.