Waiting for Godot, The Sculpture Emerges

The amount of work that I have undertaken has been challenging even for me, a to the bone work-a-holic. I have moved through a rigorous RISD Wintersession, a five week course load intensive in black and white photography which I love and appreciate even more than before. All the while Garcia and I have been laboring intensely over the collaborative sculpture that will make its home at the front of the RISD Museum in mere days. 

We have achieved so much in such a little time and it feels almost as if we have given birth to this work. After over 5,000 individual welds, and over 500 deeply labored, fabricated triangles we have released the work from our charge to be galvanized and painted. It is now over 6 feet tall and dances before the eyes. I can only say that this is a proud moment and one of many that I hope to share with my beloved partner. Below is a picture of the piece after it was galvanized. I look forward to seeing it in fluorescent pink, a bright beacon stating our presence on this prestigious campus. More news to follow regarding our work, Waiting for Godot.