On Exploits

Well, this week has shaped up to be a hum dinger and it is only just newly Wednesday. I have been developing black and white photography with a serious vengeance and have enjoyed the process immensely since beginning an intro to photo class for this years Wintersession. I was also able to apply to three art shows in a matter of minutes this evening which is to say that there is always something to be done to push yourself ahead. I don't know if I will be shown in these shows. I will certainly be considered just for entering so there is that. What I would like to briefly say, before getting back to more homework is that there are always exploits awaiting. Make it count, always show up, because not everyone has the stamina to make the effort, and believe me you can cash in when others cash out, so with that, I retire my pen for tonight as I retire to my bed and get rest for what can only be described as a hectic day ahead. New job, and meeting, a photo critique and meetings in the afternoon. I pray I know my name come Friday, but then again, Garcia and I have much to do ahead with our sculpture for the RISD Museum.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now

My parting gift is an image below of a piece I created this evening, but have been thinking about for sometime. It is fabricated with all Heath Ceramics. More to come...