The Event of a Thread

Newly back from a mind blowing trip to NYC! I have been away since 2006 and coming back at this moment in 2012 was perfection. The amount of research I was able to do even while visiting family over the holiday was astounding and included some fabulous surprises such as meeting Ann Hamilton.

Below is a still from her current exhibition and installation where there are 46 large swings that when activated make a large curtain dip and sway. To understand the enormity of this work and the emotional charge it creates is to go and be there, especially at night when the caged birds are set free and an opera singer serenades the crowds. Swinging across from an elderly woman was one highlight of my time in the Armory. Watching her swing and laugh was precious. I felt catapulted into her memories and it was a great place full of inhibition and gayety. Truly special. That and swinging so high as to be politely asked to simmer down. One of the best moments I've had in recent history. And dare I mention that Ann was wonderfully warm and very gracious. I hope our paths cross again in the near future.

I can't wait to return soon! In the meantime here are some photos of Hamiltons' The Event of a Thread which is currently on exhibition until the beginning of January at the Armory in NYC. A word of advice and that is to go, go , go! For more info check the article below and get your life!